The hermelin family register


The purpose of having a Family Register is for us to send out the family magazine, invitations to reunions and gatherings, birthday greetings and other fun and interesting information for members of the Hermelin Association. The information in the register will not be used for any other purpose. Nor will it be given to a third person or external organization.


The register itself contains the following personal information
• Name
• Genealogic information (branch, leaf, i.e)
• Address
• E-mail
• Telephone
• Date of birth
• Wedding date
• Type of membership (Active/Passive/Noble House)
• Information about membership fee

Check and update

We need your permission to keep information about you in the family register. The easiest way of giving us permission is to control the register information about you and then update your details. Make sure to do that for yourself, any minor children and other close relatives who are unable or unwilling to do it themselves. Use the form below to confirm and/or complement your information.

If we don't have your permission we can't store your information (Swedish law, PUL). We won't be able to share the family magazine, invites or other information with you.